Listen to the visceral debut EP from Boston’s Bad Boys Club, benefiting Planned Parenthood


Members of Dirty Bangs and These Wild Plains have come together for an explosive new band called Bad Boys Club, and their debut EP Inauguration Day is a 12-minute gut-punch designed to raise volumes, social awareness, and funds for Planned Parenthood.

That’s a hat trick of necessity on this intense day in America.

“Bad Boys Club is a loud shot of musical resistance to the rising tide of hate and fear in America,” writes the band in their Bandcamp bio, and that’s sums it up nicely. The grainy guitar-rock tracks are raw bursts of emotive frustration, recalling classic bands like Fugazi but also modern groups like Sex Swing. Frontman Evan Kenney sounds pissed off throughout, and well, who the fuck can blame him?


“We created this band to be a cog in the wheel of activism against Mr. Trump and his proposed reign of ignorance and exclusion,” writes Kenney. “Although we are just a band, we implore everyone to go out there and protest, write, read, educate yourself, call your senators, be part of your community, all the while showing nothing but love and light for your fellow man and woman. We can rise about this hatred and ignorance with love and inclusion; these are the ways our voices will be heard.”

Listen to Inauguration Day in full below, and we’ll offer up a reminder: the band promises that all proceeds from online sales will be donated to Planned Parenthood.


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