‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ is bringing back their Turkey Day marathon to save Thanksgiving


We’re all expecting some awkwardness around the Thanksgiving table this year.

Our step-brother — recently banned from Twitter where he operated anonymously as @Libtardrapist69, and never forgave his estranged mother for her second marriage to a tax attorney named Mohammad — will doubtlessly gloat and spit bits of half-chewed turkey across the table whilst barking racial epithets with his mouth full. He loves to ruin things, especially family gatherings, but it consoles us to remember that he is an unemployable, unfuckable, useless lump of a human being, and someday, he will die.

But one thing he can’t ruin no matter how hard he tries is a heapin’ servin’ of Mystery Science Theater 3000, available for free (and legally) on any ol’ internet ready device this Thursday, November 24, beginning at noon EST.

Throughout the cult sensation’s Comedy Central era that wrapped in 1997, The MST3K Turkey Day Marathon offered a direly necessary alternative to football and conversation. Original host Joel Hodgson and Shout! Factory had the clever notion to resurrect the tradition on the web back in 2013, but given the looming MST3K revival (on Netflix, natch), this year’s six-episode onslaught o’ b-movie riffage and dated pop culture references comes with a greater aura of significance.

Shout! isn’t advertizing any previews or first looks at the upcoming episodes, but we do know new host Jonah Ray, of The Nerdist Podcast and Comedy Central’s The Meltdown, will join Hodgson to do something or other during the between-episode segments. MST3K diehards apparently voted on which six episodes will air, so as long as the Electoral College isn’t involved, we can expect the cream of the crop.