Video Premiere: Boston’s Swivel charge hard out of the gate on debut single ‘Clueless’

Sometimes as a music writer in the 21st century, you find yourself caught in a tricky position. There are times when you’re tasked with presenting a song, a video, or some other kind of media, and you want to articulate and describe the band, the scenario, the terms, the inspiration, and whatever other anecdotal and otherwise inconsequential bullshit you rely on to help tell the story. Other times, you just watch the media as you frame a post and realize you really don’t need to over-explain a damn thing.

That’s the deal this morning with the debut single and video from Boston’s Swivel. Perhaps you’ve seen the name pop up on show flyers around Eastern Massachusetts, perhaps you have not. Maybe you know this new group features Noelle Leblanc, Ken Susi, Pat Politano, and Carissa Johnson — which is enough for us to toss around that damn “supergroup” tag again — or maybe you’re blissfully unaware. Maybe it’s old news for us to tell you that Swivel are playing the Hard Rock Cafe on November 26 (avoid the t-shirts), and then they’re at the Sinclair on December 20, with Unearth, Worshipper, and Soul Remnants, but perhaps you already know that.

None of that really matters when you have a song and Punchdance Inc.-directed video that pretty much tells you all you need to know right at this very moment, and a Bandcamp link that allows you to download the supercharged track for the Nice Price of Free.

It’s Friday, act like it, spare the details, and put your head on it.