Song Premiere: Seven Hats Parade march down an alt-rock highway of glorious riffage


Providence alternative rock act Seven Hats Parade are putting a different spin on the genre. In an era of short attention spans, where most songs don’t last more than three minutes and change, the quintet always pushes the envelope by incorporating stellar solos and a pristine tone into extended compositions. They also aren’t afraid to expand their artistry with sparkling guitar solos and a genuinely stellar sound. It’s an improvisational take on a genre that finds itself being consistently watered down. Coming off the release of their self-titled debut in September, their digital single/b-side “Stoned Queen” and “Piper and the Bird” is being premiered today on Vanyaland.

“These two tracks were intended for our self titled album that was released in September,” says guitarist Steven Sacco. “We thought these songs deserved better recordings so we re-did them over the past two months. Comparatively, these songs are very different. ‘Stoned Queen’ is a hot thumper and ‘Piper and the Bird’ is a ’70s rocker, based on the medieval song ‘Bird on Briar’ but both are a couple of our favorites.”

At AS220 on November 4, Seven Hats Parade will be sharing the stage with Boston indie rock act Oh Malô, Washington, D.C. alt-pop trio Exnations, and baroque pop artist Jonathan Something. Before you make plans to check out the show, give a list to the band’s digital single/b-side via Soundcloud below and rock out.