Corey Feldman apologizes and explains why he dropped the American flag during Today performance


Our boy Corey Feldman made his anticipated return to the Today show yesterday, and we were going to let it slide. One, we already made a big deal out of his first appearance, when he dressed like Kylo Ren and made everyone uncomfortable. And two, he didn’t perform his best track, “Ascension Millennium”, a song that’s kind of cool if you’ve spent more than a few drunken nights at Disney World gyrating to the Electrical Parade.

But the eternal Lost Boy wanted redemption, and got it (we guess) in his return to daytime TV. Only this time, in the middle of his performance of “Take A Stand”, a song dedicated to America, it turns out Feldman grabbed an American flag, waved it around, and promptly dropped it on the floor. He then maybe danced on it.

Defenders of Old Glory were not impressed.


As People notes, Today anchor Tamron Hall retrieved the flag off the floor and handed it back to Feldman. But the damage was done, and social media erupted with claims Feldman was acting disrespectfully. “His backing band may be Angels,” we imagine people saying over bland coffee and their afternoon newspaper, “but Feldman sure ain’t!”

Catching wind of the backlash, Feldman issued a statement to People, explaining and apologizing for his actions.

“We were excited and grateful to be asked to return to the Today show, but there wasn’t much time to prepare,” Feldman says “We scrambled to find an American flag to use as a patriotic symbol at the last minute and with no rehearsal… Once I was on stage, my brain reverted to my choreography, which was to throw my hands up in the air with a peace sign. As a dancer, my instinct is to drop anything in my hands. In that live moment, it came off as wrong and for that I’m deeply sorry. It was the exact opposite of my intention.”


It’s time we all leave Corey alone.