Virginia DMV rejects Ramming Speed drummer’s request for LEMMY69 license plate


It’s been several years now since Boston thrash dudes Ramming Speed relocated to the tranquil state of Virginia, but we don’t miss them any less than the day they left. And we can’t help but wonder if the commonwealth of Massachusetts would have responded any differently to drummer Jonah Livingston’s bolt attempt at securing a personalized license plate to honor the late Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead.

Turns out the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has decided against granting Livingston’s request for “LEMMY69” to grace his preferred mode of transport and casually inform all of “Old Dominion” just whom (and how) he worships. And now we certainly know that Virginia is definitely not for lovers.

Livingston posted the rejection letter on Instagram Friday afternoon, and it’s hilarious not just in his attempt to secure the personalized plate, but the fact that the DMV first accidentally approved it before realizing its mistake.


The DMV office manager, god bless his or her soul, informs Livingston that his request was denied because “it is DMV policy not to issue any license plate that refers to obscene words, drug culture, illegal activities, or one that might be considered objectionable.”

They do not get specific about what, exactly, “LEMMY69” falls under.

States Livingston: “The DMV is full of cowards that hate Motörhead and partying.”

True that.

The DMV is full of cowards that hate Motorhead and partying

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