DJ Frank White attacked and robbed over the weekend, Boston music scene quick to respond

Longtime Boston DJ/producer Frank White was violently attacked and robbed early Saturday morning after a DJ gig in the downtown area of the city. And now the Boston music and DJ scenes and White’s friends and fans have stepped up with a GoFundMe campaign to help him get new gear and get back on his feet.

The incident went down around 2 a.m. Saturday as White was walking towards Chinatown near Washington Street. According to a Facebook post made by White, two females randomly called at the DJ to get his attention; when he turned around, he was assaulted by an unknown male, knocking him out and leaving him with a fat lip and a sprained ankle. Thieves made away with White’s MacbookPro, Rane mixer, needles, hard drive, phone, records, his wallet, and other personal items.

“It could’ve been worse but they stole everything I had on me,” White writes. “They used my bank card for a cab and also racked up a bill at CVS so they’re on camera… I’m really lucky to have some friends helping me out to bounce back and I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to those who have donated to the page already and also Thank you Josh Carl for setting that up! I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say that I feel completely embarrassed to have to ask for help but I don’t what else to do …the link is below, again, I can’t thank you guys enough for all the help & the messages from people making sure I’m ok… It means a lot!!!”

The GoFundMe page has already pulled in more than $5,500 by more than 100 backers in roughly 17 hours. “Now, Frank had to swallow a bit of pride to even let me make this GoFundMe, no one wants to be in this situation!” writes the campaign’s founder, Joshua Carl Hall. “This is an effort to recoup just a partial amount of money just to get him back on his feet. This is what the DJ community is for.”

White has won four Boston Music Awards, was recently voted Boston’s Best DJ by Improper Bostonian Magazine, and has won similar other awards throughout the city.

White GoFundMe