Here’s The Scoop: Great Scott hosting Taking Back Sundae ice cream ‘Anti-Social’ tonight


There seems to be an influx of so-called Emo Nights around Boston these days, and that’s totally cool, because some of us have feelings, some of us have friends, and in very rare cases, some of us have both. But one such party has upped the game with ice cream, and it goes down tonight at Great Scott in Allston.

Of course, adding flavorful summer treats to the Emo Night mix allows for some pretty excellent punnery, and organizers of tonight’s chilled out event knocked it out of the park, dubbing it Taking Back Sundae.

The ice cream pop-up and DJ night is the brainchild of Jacqueline Dole, founder of Parlor Ice Cream, a Boston-based small batch ice cream company. Those rolling up tonight get a free cone and scoop, and be able to indulge in flavors like Honey Day Real Estate, Dear Yuzu, and Apple Piebald.

“Ryan Agate [of RTT Presents] had an empty spot on the calendar for O’Brien’s in May and we had the idea to have a little ice cream anti-social with the ice cream company I started this year,” Dole tells Vanyaland. “It went really well and everyone loved it, so we’re doing it again; the b-sides! I think a lot of people love puns, eating ice cream and emo so why not join all three and have some fun?”

Dole says she has love for the other Emo Nights in town, but tonight’s event allowed her to put the focus on the ice cream and the social aspect, as well as the music.

“Playlist is everything from Braid to Brand New, something everyone loves and everyone loves to hate, too,” she adds. “This should be a little more relaxed, you can actually hear people talk, and you might even remember it tomorrow!”

Starts at 10 p.m.