Stop what you’re doing and go to Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ viewing parties tonight around Boston

Well, in case people were looking for something last-minute to do tonight, Kanye West has it covered. The rapper is throwing a few parties around Boston, to celebrate his controversial new music video “Famous”, and they appear to be free and open to the public. And start in 15 minutes.

Kanye just tweeted out five street locations that we assume will screen “Famous.” But you gotta hurry, because they kick off at 9:30 p.m. tonight.

Honestly, we have no idea what to expect from these (recent screenings in NYC were projected on buildings, reportedly), but Kanye is tweeting out similar messages tonight for people in Chicago and Miami. We also realize it’s raining, so if he is showing the video outdoors, it could get interesting.

But we’re sure Kanye doesn’t care about the weather, so get that rain slicker and hit up these spots:

At least one dude hopes it gets delayed due to inclement weather…