TV Splatter: Watch Diarrhea Planet rip it up on ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’


It’s only natural. When The Tonight Show pulls a historic TV power move and books President Barack Obama and Madonna, the only thing left to do is bring in Diarrhea Planet.

And that’s exactly what Late Night With Seth Meyers achieved last night.

The talk show followed-up some presidential wisdom by hosting the Nashville rock band with the double-take name, and they didn’t disappoint. Making their national television debut, Diarrhea Planet tore through “Ain’t A Sin To Win”, and you can re-live the magic below. We only wish our grandparents were still around, if only to field a phone call from Florida this morning asking us if we ever heard of “that diarrhea band.”


Yes, grandma, we certainly have.

From here, Diarrhea Planet hit the North American festival circuit, with appearances at Wrecking Ball in Atlanta and both editions of Riot Fest.