Sonic Heatwave: Annual psych and rock festival Fuzzstival announces 2016 dates

A few weeks back we listed the 2016 Fuzzstival in our Spring and Summer Music Festival Preview without even knowing the location, the dates, or who would be plating this year’s edition. Today, we get two of those three, and needless to say, we are psyched.

As expected, the fourth annual Fuzzstival will return to the Middle East in Cambridge, where organizer Jason Trefts of Illegally Bind Presents also serves as talent buyer. The multi-day, multi-stage event, which began as a psych and garage rock showcase but has since expanded to feature various styles and sounds from around New England, will take place over two days this summer, Friday, August 19, and Saturday August 20.

Expect it to be pretty massive. Last year’s party featured 34 bands over three nights, led by Ghost Box Orchestra (pictured up top), Quilt, Doug Tuttle, Vundabar, New Highway Hymnal, Creaturos, and pretty much everyone else making a noisy racket in eastern Massachusetts.

The 2016 lineup is expected to start rolling out over the next few weeks. In the meantime, look at this awesome fucking cat just chilling on the fuzz.

Fuzzstival 2016