King Of Limbs: And here is Justin Bieber meditating high up in a Boston tree (or something)

As we all know by now, Justin Bieber is in Boston.

He’s been spotted barefoot in the Public Garden, he’s been seen drinking at the Tam, and he’s apparently staying at the Four Seasons. The pop singer is in town for two shows this week at TD Garden, and before the second tonight in the House that Bourque & Bird Built, it appears he sought refuge high up in a local tree to do some sort of meditation or yoga or whatever it is the kids do these days.

TMZ has the video (of course), but be warned: it’s short. And really doesn’t offer any insight. But it’s still Justin Bieber in a tree so that’s gotta count for something. At least he has his shoes on.

All hail the King Of Limbs.