Real Hero: Nic Cage wrestles Vince Neil outside Las Vegas hotel after alleged attack on female


Vince Neil reportedly assaulted a woman yesterday in Las Vegas, and Nic Cage got in the Mötley Crüe singer’s face about it.

In a new video from TMZ, Cage can be seen wrestling Neil and aggressively telling him to calm down. Details on the situation are still scarce, but TMZ says Neil “is now the subject of a criminal investigation.” Cage is pretty heated in the clip, so something pretty serious must have gone down.

Here’s more from TMZ:


“We’re told Nic and Vince were inside when a woman came up to Nic and asked for an autograph. Our sources say Vince allegedly got behind the woman, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the ground. The video we got shows the end of a fight between Vince and Nic. Our sources tell us Nic was trying to restrain Vince and calm him down, taking him outside the hotel and into a car. Nic is screaming at Vince, imploring him to calm down.”

Neil was cited for battery, but never taken into custody. Neil plays the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in August.

More to come, for sure.