Song Premiere: Christopher Leaf drive home classic power-pop on ‘I’ll Try For You’


There’s something to be said for going out on top. Analysts often say it’s fitting for superstar athletes to retire after winning a championship in their respective sport. That last taste of success leaves no one chatting about the erosion of an athlete’s skills from age and the wear and tear. So what would be the musical equivalent of going out on top? It probably would go along the lines of getting to open for two bands who’ve had a distinct influence in front of a sold out venue and absolutely slaying on stage.

That’s what happened to the sludge punks in The Young Leaves. If you’ve ever met Chris Chaisson from the band you’ve definitely heard him talk about how much he adores punk bands from the ’80s like Dinosaur Jr. and The Replacements. Sometimes fate has a strange way of showing its hand and on April 27th last year Chaisson, drummer Rico Delgado, and bassist Matthew Scott got to open for their heroes at The Sinclair as part of the Converse Rubber Tracks Live series. A few months later in July the trio called it quits and people were left wondering what was due up next for the trio.

Recently Chaisson has started a new project titled Christopher Leaf, which has a new demo out via First Watch Records, and today Vanyaland premieres its latest track, “I’ll Try For You”. Rejoining forces with Delgado and bringing in Brendan Cahill from fellow Boston punks Save Ends and Sean Farrell to the fold, the quartet exudes a brand of lo-fi power pop. Chaisson’s driving guitar riffs hold the new track together and the synth at the beginning adds a different vibe.


“Musically it’s different than our past bands,” says Chaisson. “All of our songs are around a minute long and we have synth and keys. A lot of mini ballads and short power pop blasts. It’s the kind of thing the eighth grade me who was obsessed with Weezer, that dog., and Weston would have loved to hear.”

Christopher Leaf’s next show will be April 23 at Distant Castle in Worcester (for directions ask a punk) with fellow Massachusetts punks Sleeping Patterns, Plainclothes, Connecticut act Cheem, and 2016 95.5 WBRU Rock Hunt finalists Young Lincoln. While you’re at the show ask Chaisson and crew about their demo and be on the look out for the band’s upcoming debut full length that’ll be out later this year.


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