EP Premiere: Lovesick’s latest guitar-rock effort proves Providence kids are (still) alright


It’s hard to remember when a band in Providence gathered as much of a local buzz as quickly as alt-punk trio Lovesick. Vocalist and guitarist Manny Brooks, bassist Nathan Phrathep, and drummer Josh Rodriguez are beyond their years in artistic originality, playing like seasoned vets while making the transition from their teens into their 20s. During a time in Providence’s music scene where fans are basking in the excellence of countless local bands and at the same time wondering what the future holds, Lovesick promises that the scene will be in good hands for years to come. It’s evident with their self-titled EP that’s being premiered on Vanyaland today.

This EP isn’t a typical array of recordings. There’s an instrumental intro and outro that sets the tone for music that’s both straight to the point and improvisational. Produced and recorded by the band themselves, the audial quality each track possesses is outstanding. It’s exciting to ponder what Lovesick will have in store for their next release; an excellent mix of old school punk and inventive structures here makes the trio an interesting act that isn’t afraid to go beyond the norm and just do their own thing.

“Vacant Heart”, an emotional track that builds up with each note, is an anthem for the hopeless romantics. The riffs from Brooks’ guitar exudes melodies that yearn for the soul and remedy the broken. “Ace” absolutely rips with electrifying rhythms and sludgy sounds starting it off to go into a series of downbeats and progressions. It’s definitely the headbanger of the EP. A reflective one in “Times We Had” deals with changes in people and life itself, Rodriguez on drums is the backbone for the entire song with seismic beats.

Tomorrow night at AS220 in Providence, Lovesick will be celebrating the release of their new EP with post-punk dance magnets Way Out, bubblegum surf punks Neutrinos, and mallrats Food Court. It’s a stacked show and you should get there as early as you can so you don’t miss a thing. Pick up a copy of Lovesick’s new EP on cassette but give it a listen right now at the link below for a taste of what to expect.

Lovesick Flyer