Video Premiere: Straight to VHS fall into a suspicious TV party in ‘I’m In Love With You’

Ever since the mid-20th century, the dangers of being hooked to your television set have been widely reported — and exaggerated. There are claims that too much TV will melt your brain, dumb down your intelligence, and even make you some sort of slave to the establishment. These days, some of those claims might actually be true. Now what if you’re in a band, you find yourself trapped inside a TV only to see that gorillas have taken over your band and they’re playing your instruments? The only people who’ll have the answer to that question are Connecticut garage punks Straight To VHS.

With the New London band’s brand new video for “I’m In Love With You”, off of their upcoming EP Landmind, due out next month, these three crazy guys go all out with a DIY effort in an undisclosed warehouse space. The boogying rhythms are infectious and the chorus is catchy, once you press play you’ll be dancing in an instant. As you watch the video you’ll see Christmas lights and vibrant strobes giving a party vibe to match the energy and emphasis the song possesses. It seems like the trio of guitarist and vocalist Jon Young, drummer Jay Silva and bassist Tim Donnel had a lot of fun directing and editing the video along with the crew of Rebekah Rose, Hannah Riley and Amy Jones who helped make it happen.

Straight To VHS celebrated the release of the video and single at Hygienic Art in New London last night, but be sure that they’ll be coming to a music venue or a basement near you sometime soon. While you stay patient until you see this spirited group of punks live, check out “I’m In Love With You” and enjoy.