Album Premiere: Black Oil Incinerator craft a supersonic rock cocktail on ‘Built In Space’

Fusing together psychedelic elements, shoegaze, and a distorted luster of fuzz, Black Oil Incinerator refuse to be pinned down as your usual rock band. While some of their material has a bit of pop exuding from their collective pulse, most of their sound is turbulently vigorous. The magnitude dual guitarists and vocalists William Francis Barry and Mike Duffy exhibit while feeding off each other is stunningly dynamic. Johnny McMahon brings a deep modulation on bass while drummer Dave Tueken brings resounding beats. When these four get together on stage amazing things happen and it’s best exemplified on their brand new release, Built In Space, which premieres on Vanyaland today.

Jared Mann from math rockers Willow and emo punks Twin Foxes produced the album at Blanketfort Records in Providence. Once again, he nailed it with the entire album having impeccable audial resonance. There’s an abundance of force with each track, at points the notes will hit you like a sludgy ton of bricks. You’ll be left in a state of bliss and wanting more. Each chord, each beat and each riff has a driving quality that ups the ante as each second passes. You’ll be filled up with so much energy while listening that you’ll want to crank the speakers up to 11 and bang your head until your neck breaks.

Echoing a vintage Britpop vibe is “Bricks”, driving riffs and mellow vocals from Barry serve as the base while the rest of the band brings a generous dose of vitality. Anyone who’s a fan of old school Oasis and The Jesus and Mary Chain would dig this one. “Supersonic” is fuzzed out into levels of infinity. Nothing lets up and Duffy puts it all out in the forefront on vocals and guitar. Another track that kicks is “Make New Friends”, when the chorus hits you’ll be left beside yourself in a reverb filled daze.

Black Oil Incinerator will be ringing in the release of Built In Space tonight (Friday, February 19) at Dusk deep within the depths of Providence with fellow fuzzheads Woozy and DJ Cal Dupree spinning 45s. Rumor has it that member of The Low Anthem, Cannibal Ramblers, and the Columbus Cooperative’s Bryan Minto will also be performing with Woozy as well. It looks to be a stacked night of music that’s going to blow the roof off the joint.

Before you let loose at tonight’s show, give Built In Space a listen below.