Song Premiere: The Battery Electric ignite a rock and roll fling with ‘Modern Girls’


The essence of rock and roll has always been about giving people a distinct urge. One certain feeling gives the listener the inspiration and motivation to dance, act a little crazy, and live life like it’s an energy-filled party. The Battery Electric, a ferocious rock foursome out of Asbury Park, New Jersey, bring it every time — red-hot riffs from Brent Bergholm and infectious charisma from frontman Ron Santee, with bassist Alex Rosen and drummer Kevin “Danger” Troeller embodying the rhythmic engine that drives this act to rarefied levels of intensity and fortitude. For the past few years they’ve been giving the music scene they call home a jumpstart and it’s clear they will never slow down.

Off of their brand new Lose Control EP comes “Modern Girls”, a catchy tune about going out, meeting a lady, and then heading to her place for the night. Produced by Paul Ritchie from fellow Jersey Shore rock band The Parlor Mob, the track is an edgy pop adorned ripper that guarantees the chorus will be glued to your consciousness. It captures The Battery Electric’s rambunctious live performance in impeccable fashion. While listening you can also gaze at numerous photos proving how much fun it is to see these guys up close on stage.

They plan on releasing each track from Lose Control on a weekly basis so keep tabs on them on the web to check out what’s next. Fans in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) and beyond can make the trek to the House Of Independents in Asbury Park to see The Battery Electric open for legendary New York City punk pioneers The Dictators on Friday February 19.


Until then, get down, get busy and turn it up.

Battery Electric