Heart Warming: Download Seagreen Records’ massive 140-band Valentine’s Day comp


UPDATE 5:11 p.m.: Two additional songs have been added to the comp after we wrote about it this morning, so the track total now stands at 140. Bonus.

If there’s a hole in your heart on this Hallmark holiday this morning, pretend like it’s any other day and fill that blank space with music. And if you need assistance, Seagreen Records has the hook up.

The indie Connecticut record label has issued a massive 138-track compilation called Singles On Valentine’s Day, and it’s available to download for a name-your-price sale via its Bandcamp. We won’t pretend to know every band on this comp — that’s pretty much the fun of it — but some names do jump out, like the Boston-born Dirty Dishes and their excellent recent single “All Of Me”, as well as selections from New York’s Soft Fangs, Great Grandpa out of Seattle, and Boston’s Lady Pills (pictured up top). The TeleVibes’ cover of Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer” also shows up, as does a cover of The Cranberries’
“Ode To My Family” by Roz Raskin of Roz And The Rice Cakes.


There is a lot here.

Singles On Valentine’s Day is a submission-based, all-inclusive digital compilation featuring current and past Seagreen family members as well as a slew of wonderful music and art from the disaffected and heartbroken youth of the world,” the label writes. “RIP love 2016.”

DL the comp below.