Report: DMX hospitalized after police find him unconscious in hotel parking lot


According to TMZ, DMX had a near-death experience last night after being found unconscious in a New York hotel parking lot.

The rapper was found unresponsive, without a pulse, and laying next to a parked car in a Ramada Inn lot in Yonkers. When the cops arrived, they gave him Narcan, a narcotic overdose antidote, and performed CPR, resuscitating the 45-year-old to a “semiconscious” state in order to transport him to a nearby hospital.

He remains hospitalized, and in stable condition. TMZ cites a witness who says DMX was ingesting “some sort of white powder” before falling unconscious, but the rapper’s camp has disputed that claim today, saying he had suffered a massive asthma attack, and was battling shortness of breath and bronchitis for the past few days.


No criminal charges are expected to be filed, says TMZ, and DMX is expected to recover.