How Soon Is Nazi? Watch Phil Anselmo sing the Smiths at Days of the Dead karaoke


Phil Anselmo has been in the news quite a bit lately, but for all the wrong reasons. The Down and former Pantera frontman made a nazi salute and screamed “white power!” at a tribute show to his former guitarist, Dimebag Darrell, earlier this year in Los Angeles, a move that drew the wrath of Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn and others in the metal community. Last week, he followed up an initial apology by telling the other members of Down to “move on” without him after a European festival date was cancelled because of his racist outburst.

This weekend, he took his misery to even deeper depths: By singing the Smiths at Atlanta’s Days Of The Dead horror festival and convention. Anselmo took to the karaoke stage to sing the Smiths’ 1985 hit “How Soon Is Now?” and video is available below via the convention’s Facebook page.

Anselmo’s love for Morrissey and the Smiths is no secret. Back in 2014, he described the British rock band as “heavy in their own way”, adding: “I always say extreme music comes in all genres. They are an extreme band in the same way the Beatles were extreme, or Queen was extreme. The Smiths should be held in that lofty position as well.” In June of that year, he teamed up with Dave Hill to perform “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” in New Orleans.


“You think you know depression, grimness and self-loathing?” Anselmo asked a few years ago. “Listen to Morrissey!”

Also at Days Of The Dead this weekend, Anselmo was serenaded by a rendition of Boys II Men’s “End Of The Road”. Watch that bit of awkwardness here.

If the video embed won’t display properly, watch it here.

Scaryokee definitely lived up to the hype tonight

Posted by Days Of The Dead on Friday, February 5, 2016