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Suede give a glimpse into Night Thoughts film with new video for ‘Pale Snow’


Suede have released a video for new single “Pale Snow”, and it gives a glimpse into the film that will accompany their new album Night Thoughts. Set for release here in the States on January 29 via Rhino Records/Warner Brothers, the British rock band’s seventh studio album arrives with a companion film from director Roger Sargent.

The new record has a bit of a darker, edgier, and more uneven tone than the band’s brilliant 2013 comeback record, Bloodsports, falling somewhere between the lush orchestration of 1994 masterpiece Dog Man Star and Suede’s earliest demos. Some aspects of the album find frontman Brett Anderson addressing the complexities of modern life and the anxieties of raising a family. That’s apparently evident in “Pale Snow”.

“I wanted to capture some of the neurosis of being a parent,” Anderson tells the Guardian, “and it not be this ‘Aren’t I a great dad! Look at me with my kids!’ that I read so much from people in the public eye who are desperate to come across as great parents.” The full interview will be published in Friday’s G2 Film&Music, so be on the lookout for that.


Previous Night Thoughts singles include “Outsiders”, one of Vanyaland’s Top 50 Tracks of 2015, and “Like Kids”.