Song Premiere: Providence’s Willow get rhythmic on distorted new track ‘Video’

Right at the bitter end of 2015, Providence has just found itself a new candidate for the city’s best local album. With atmospheric vocals, abstract structures and a rigid tone, math rock act Willow are releasing their debut LP Nocturnal House on Friday, and it’s a rhythmic gem that wraps around a groove like a boa on a tree while going in all sorts of unexpected directions.

Today on Vanyaland, we’re unveiling “Video” from the upcoming album, which you can hear via the band’s Soundcloud. There’s a lot of distortion present in the primarily instrumental track and once you take hold you’ll never want to let go.

A complete DIY effort, drummer Jared Mann, bassist Trevor White, and guitarist Seth Chapdelaine (who’s also on vocals) produced Nocturnal House by themselves and the quality shows. “Video” is an excellent example of a clear sounding recording that also has an edge. On the making of the album, Mann says: “At the time we almost split up because Seth moved to New Hampshire, but were able to meet up and piece it together in various segments. There are some metaphors in the record pertaining to a room as well.”

Willow’s music has a knack for being compact and complex all at once, the rhythmic tightness of their tunes can absolutely mesmerize you. They’ll be performing at an undisclosed location (for all the info, ask a punk) with the jazzy hardcore post-rock of The Hurt Ensemble, emo punk duo Honest Living and doom folk act Bloodpheasant this Sunday, December 13. It’s currently listed at The White House, but we highly doubt that it’s taking place down in D.C.

While you’re at the show, wherever it may be, ask Mann, White and Chapdelaine about grabbing a copy of Willow’s Nocturnal House. Until then, stream “Video” below and enjoy.

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