Video Premiere: Monogold trip the good-times party out on some ‘Pink Lemonade’

The world is a pretty terrible place, and people are using any old excuse to escape the daily madness of the times. This week, a few friends on Facebook tried to start up some game where they selected and posted a song from a band that starts with the same letter as their first names, simply as a means of breaking up all the shit nightmare reports clogging up their news feeds. I didn’t think it was very clever, until now, because here comes Monogold with a new video for “Pink Lemonade”, well holy shit Michael begins with the letter M.

The New York indie-pop trio know that in these difficult times of Trumps, lumps, and feeling down-in-the-dumps, sometimes a lighthearted, care-free music video filled with smiles, dancers, and a shout out to the Soy Bomb guy from Bob Dylan’s 1997 Grammys performance is exactly what we all need. It’s a motherfucking mood-lightener.

“We just wanted to do a random arbitrary/fun/quirky/weird/stupid video all in one take,” the gents in Monogold tell Vanyaland. “Dracula, dancers (inspired by the opening credits of Do The Right Thing) Soy Bomb (inspired by the 1997 Grammy’s), mermaids, werewolves, etc. Seemed to make sense.”

The fun is palpable, and it’s some necessary modern-day escapism.

“We had so much fun making it and hopefully that translates when watching it,” Monogold adds.

Step away from the ledge and hug the soul of a video below.