Mr. Right: Listen to Quiet Hollers’ dark, stripped-down take on Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’


Quiet Hollers are not necessarily Material Boys, but they do realize they are living in a Material World. And they gotta do what it takes to get records made and their music heard.

This week the Louisville alt-country band made good on a crowd-funding request by covering Madonna’s ’80s hit “Material Girl,” and in true fashion ran it a few times through the ol’ Sad Machine. And what began as an eyebrow-raising choice by a contributing fan who may or may not have been trolling the Kentucky lads actually turned out to be something pretty engaging.

“My first reaction was horror, as I instinctively recoil from so-called ‘pop’ music,” vocalist Shadwick Wilde says, via Bullett. “But the lyrics are so fucking sad, and the theme so apropos for an unknown band trying to raise some cash, I had to take an honest crack at it.”


Honesty is the best policy, and the game has paid dividends. The cover has led us, naturally, to Quiet Hollers’ recent self-titled LP, which dropped last month, and we’re feeling it. You can, too, by listening to it via their Bandcamp. A short run of tour dates follows the video down below.

Quiet Hollers Tour