Album Premiere: Lord Almighty raise metal’s intensity in new album ‘Paths’


Metal can often become grounded, with there being so many subgenres that numerous bands seem to purposely put themselves in a box rather than broaden their musical horizons. Boston’s Lord Almighty completely ignores that notion with an epic combination of death metal growls, black metal tones, and guitar solos evoking of essence of ’70s rock monsters Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple. There’s also a bit of hardcore punk in the quartet’s sound as well. It ultimately creates a brutal mix of crushing rhythms and gargantuan emphasis that’s bound to summon demonic vibes.

On the heels of tonight’s show at Brighton Music Hall with New Haven sludgeheads Sea Of Bones, San Francisco doom rippers Black Cobra, and Eugene, OR, psychedelic metal act Yob, Lord Almighty are releasing their first full-length, Paths. The album is split up into four parts — or four paths, if you will. Each “Path” serving as an intro to the next succession of tracks. There’s a lot of intensity within the album, each song is bound to melt your face with continuous riffs and an in your face attitude. Metal has always been strong in New England so you can’t really say there’s been a resurgence, but you can consider Lord Almighty among the forefront of the new breed around these parts.

Thrashing its way through your speakers is “I Embark”, the drumming leads an army of guitars destroying everything in their path. It’s a great example of the band’s hardcore punk leanings with a lot of driving intensity. “Atonement” absolutely shreds, frontman and rhythm guitarist Keenan Carroll and Sam Willgoose on lead guitar don’t let up at all when it comes to pulling off electrifying sounds. Starting off with a flurry of guitar tapping, “Possessed” shows Willgoose’s incredible skills on his axe with some insane progressions.


If you’re in the Allston area tonight and you’re looking to get your ears blown off, head to Brighton Music Hall. Rhode Islanders can also check Lord Almighty tomorrow at The Parlor Bar & Kitchen in Newport with Hi Watts and Whisky Fyre and at Dusk in Providence on November 11 with Scalpel.

For now, stream the album below and grab a copy at either show.

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