Health release live video for ‘Stonefist’, because maybe the first video was too damn grisly


Back in August — aww, wait, remember August?!? — Health released an intense music video for 2015 Song Of The Year contender “Stonefist,” and it was pretty fucking terrifying. It’s probably why we can’t remember August; we blocked that shit out.

But you can’t be having a dope-ass song like “Stonefist” be pushed aside because some can’t stomach the gross plastic surgery scenes from the original video.

Oh, no.


Thankfully, the skilled Los Angeles noise band have released a live video of the song, filmed in June at London’s The Dome Tuffnell Park. Noisey posted the clip earlier today, and notes that it’s “the first live concert film to be shot in 8K,” recorded as a single shot on a Sony F65 8K camera. Director Giorgio Testi, apparently, “developed a method of creating a three-dimensional silk screen, wherein he composed high definition frames within a single shot in order to allow him to make movements in post production through pans and zooms to give the single camera shot a multi-camera experience.”

So Health stays intense, and forever interesting, but this time go much easier on the eyes. Your ears, however, they still DGAF about.

Testi says: “I love long takes at gigs, but it’s usually pretty hard to deliver an interesting long take during an actual concert in front of an audience, especially if you want to offer different point of views through out: You really only have one take to deliver that, and it’s really challenging.”

Check out the new “Stonefist” video below, and go see Health when their Death Magic tour crashes into Brighton Music Hall in Allston on November 24.