#Hameron: British Smiths tribute band offers ‘Pig Mouth Strikes Again’ to David Cameron


While America was busy watching the Emmys and the Packers-Seahawks game last night, the United Kingdom exploded with allegations that Prime Minister David Cameron allegedly once stuck his dick inside a dead pig’s mouth while a student at Oxford University. The hashtag #Hameron provided some of the best twitter commentary of the year, far beyond any Suede-themed quips about “Animal Lover” and “We Are The Pigs” and a slew of “Netflix and swill” jokes.

Overnight, Smiths tribute band The Iain Duncan Smiths saw opportunity, and parodied their heroes “Bigmouth Strikes Again” with, you guessed it, “Pig Mouth Strikes Again.”

“The inspiration was a quite unavoidable pun,” frontman Iain “Psycho” Duncan Smith tells Vice. “It was written and recorded in a hurry this morning, and not entirely sardonically — lots of people have done crazy things while coked off their tits, so Cameron deserves some understanding on this one.”


Morrissey, long a vocal critic of Cameron and the Conservative Party, has not weighed in on the matter just yet. But keep refreshing True To You and some gold will eventually turn up. In the meantime, know how Joan of Arc — and that pig — felt via The Iain Duncan Smiths…