What Difference Does It Make: Morrissey endorses Jon Stewart and Bill Maher for the US Presidency


These days it seems like everyone is in the running to become the next President of the United States. So it should come as no surprise that when Morrissey played Madison Square Garden in New York over the weekend, he casually made his own endorsements.

Who does Moz want to see as the 45th president? Bernie Sanders? Hillary Clinton?



He’d vote for a pair of political talk show hosts: Jon Stewart or Bill Maher.

“The U.S. elections are all very well and amusing, of course,” he told the crowd,” via Alternative Nation. “But there’s only two possible American presidents in my world: One is Jon Stewart and the other is Bill Maher. Otherwise, forget it.”

At that point, it seems the band starts up into “Speedway.” No word if the hosts of The Daily Show or Real Time, respectively, will take the former Smiths singer up on his endorsement. We can only hope.