Move Over, Tupac: Hologram of long-dead country star Patsy Cline set to tour in 2016


Patsy Cline died in a 1963 plane crash near Camden, Tennessee. More than 50 years later, she’s set to go on tour in 2016, live via hologram.

The company that brought Tupac Shakur back to life at Coachella 2012, Hologram USA, is behind this new project, teaming with the estate of the dead country music icon for a full on tour next year. Stereogum relays word via Billboard that the hologram will be one component of the full-on Cline tour experience, which will include “performance, commentary and audience interaction.”

Cline is the first female hologram and country music’s first ghost performer, and Hologram USA CEO Alki David made the following statement:


We debuted our hologram technology to the Country music world with Jimmy Kimmel at the Country Music Awards. Now Patsy Cline will demonstrate how we can bring all the warmth and virtuosity of a true icon back for new audiences. We chose Patsy as our first Country hologram project, and our first female hologram project, for a reason: she was a pioneer who influenced generations of singers around the globe.

Charles Dick, Cline’s widow, also released a statement about the hologram:

We are very glad to share Patsy and her music with this new technology and format and honored by Hologram USA’s choice to have her as the first. I am sure her fans, old and new, will be thrilled.

Cline was the first female musician to be inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame; listen to some of her hits below…