Zig A Zig Eh: Ariana Grande and Lea Michele sing some Spice Girls via the Crazy Heliumbooth app


If, say, what you wanted — what you really really wanted — was pop sprite Ariana Grande and her Scream Queens co-star Lea Michele singing some Spice Girls while their voices were pitched high via technological helium, then today is your lucky day.

Grande and Michele used the Crazy Heliumbooth app to serenade fans with “Wannabe” a few days ago, and it’s a little Alvin & The Chipmunks, a little Daphne & Celeste, a little bit terrifying. We wish there was more of it.

As Nylon points out, “at least no real brain cells were actually harmed in the making of this video. Thanks, Crazy Heliumbooth!”


Give up the best 15 seconds of your day below.

we're giving u vocals aaaand face @msleamichele (shoutout to homeeeeh at the end lookin over the shoulder)

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