Maybe Definitely: Oasis to reform as Noel and Liam Gallagher have ‘gentlemen’s agreement’, report says

Perhaps the resurgence of Blur was too much to handle, because that long-awaited Oasis reunion is starting to take shape.

At least that’s what the Mirror is reporting today, saying brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher have reconciled and started discussing reforming one of the biggest bands of the ’90s and a leader in the Britpop movement. Oasis split in 2009; Liam formed Beady Eye, with mixed results, while Noel released two well-received solo albums under the Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds moniker.

It’s being called a “gentlemen’s agreement” to eventually get the band back together.

Here’s today’s word from the Mirror.

Feuding brothers Noel Gallagher and Liam – spotted out with his girlfriend and pals this week, as you can see in the gallery above – are said to have taken the first steps towards a reunion next year.

Weeks after it emerged the pair had patched up their differences, we can reveal the band are in talks for a comeback.

Details were leaked by a well-placed source speaking after 47-year-old Noel’s recent gig in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

They said: “It’s early days in terms of the details, but Noel and Liam are back on good terms and ready to give things another go. Nothing is signed but it’s what you might call a gentlemen’s agreement between them.

“Ultimately they’re family and whatever has gone on before can be sorted out – they’re very close beneath all the bluster.”

We’ll see.

Last weekend, Oasis were billed at an 8/1 odds of filling the vacant Glastonbury headliner slot on the music festival’s Sunday night. Back in February, Noel Gallagher half-jokingly said it would take a “half a billion” dollars to reform Oasis, and told Rolling Stone, via the Mirror: “If I was ever going to do it, it would only be for the money. This isn’t me putting it out there, by the way. Would I do it for charity? No way. We’re not that kind of people. For Glastonbury? I don’t think Michael Eavis has got enough money. But would we get back together one day? As long as everybody is still alive and still has their hair, it’s always a possibility. But only for the money.”

Pay the man.