Portrait of An American Diner: Marilyn Manson allegedly assaulted at Denny’s

Marilyn Manson was apparently punched in the face during a late-night Denny’s run.

TMZ is reporting the altercation went down at a Denny’s in Alberta, Canada, and that Manson got clocked after mouthing off to someone’s girlfriend. The singer was out for some late-night grub after his show at the Enmax Center in Lethbridge Saturday night, and the image of Manson stuffed into a Denny’s booth at 2 a.m. fills us with joy.

UPDATE 4:43 p.m.: “Manson’s manager tells TMZ the rocker was enjoying his late night meal when two girls approached him and asked for a photo. Manson says he obliged and never called either woman a ‘bitch’ … as the alleged puncher claims. Marilyn says the guy came out of nowhere and hit him in the face. Manson says his security grabbed the guy, who then began screaming about blowing up Manson’s next concert.”

Here’s the original word from TMZ on this ridiculous situation.

Goth rocker Marilyn Manson got more than two pancakes, two eggs, two pieces of bacon and two sausage links during a trip to Denny’s this past weekend … he allegedly got clocked in the face!

According to our sources, Manson had a concert in Alberta, Canada on Saturday night and hit up a local Denny’s around 2 AM. We’re told Manson got into an argument with a group at another table, and at some point allegedly called a guy’s gf a bitch.

The guy was pissed, and we’re told he responded by punching Manson in the face.

Police confirm there was a disturbance at Denny’s that night, but no charges were filed and the case is closed.

Manson’s reps haven’t responded to calls for comment.

This all brings to mind that Adam PC track from a few years ago, which you can listen to below.

Meanwhile, Manson is touring this summer with Smashing Pumpkins, and their End Times tour hits the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion on July 28. We’ll tell them to avoid the Brighton location.