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V:Music: Listen to Orlando electro-pop duo Priest’s glorious new single ‘Broken’


We’ll be honest, we don’t know too much about young Orlando electro-pop duo Priest. We do know they are comprised of vocalist/producer team Madeline Priest and David Kazyk, that they dropped a debut EP called Samurai this time last year, and that their new single, “Broken”, will be stuck inside out heads until it’s time to go back to Cabana Bay Beach Resort for another much-needed holiday.

Surely we’ll be writing about these cats again, as the effortless synth-pop cool of “Broken” sparkles in every right way, so we’ll just let the music carry this post and not let side details get in the way of full immersion.

Between them and Merchandise out of Tampa, there just may be hope for Central Florida yet. Listen to “Broken” below…





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