Rapid Fire: Watch Tei Shi blast out of obscurity with her badass video for ‘Bassically’


The audio for Tei Shi’s pulsating single “Bassically” has been floating around the internet since October or so, allowing the listener the rare chance to provide his or her own visuals to the singer and producer’s sounds. There’s a daydream wonderland within the intense track’s rapid-fire beats, electric synth sizzle, and low-end frenzy, all building up steadily over five minutes as Tei Shi’s vocals reach a sultry primal scream by the peak point. Once it’s over, you need to catch your breath and open your eyes back up to reality.

Now there’s a video for “Bassically,” and there’s no need for personal interpretation. Blasting her way out of alleys and darkened city corners that you shouldn’t frolic in after dark, the stunning visual was directed by Nicolas Pesce, and should vault the Argentinian-born Tei Shi into the arena of national acclaim.

The recent Berklee College of Music student paired today’s video with the announcement of her new EP, titled Verde, which features “Bassically” and drops stateside April 14 via Mermaid Avenue. Just before its release, Tei Shi is headed down to Austin for SXSW, where we predict she’ll land on more than a few “breakout artist” recaps.


Get down with “Bassically” below…