Fight The Power: Rapper Flavor Flav’s call to action – ‘ISIS needs to be exterminated at once’


Legendary rapper and former VH-1 reality television star Flavor Flav is about to turn it up and bring the noise.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, the Public Enemy co-founder lashed out out against ISIS, suggesting that the United States and “united” countries need to invade Iraq and Syria to exterminate the Islamic militant group. How much longer, he wrote “Before we put boots on the ground and wipe them out?”

Flav appears to have been motivated by a new report, according to the Daily Beast, that says the jihadist group has been selling and crucifying children.


Below are Flav’s string of tweets:

Favor Flav’s ISIS rant is bookended by a shout out to his fans yesterday (complete with trademark “booooyyyyeee”) and a February 1 claim that the Seahawks should have given the ball to Marshawn Lynch at the end of Super Bowl XLIX.