Vanyaland Premiere: Listen to Goddamn Draculas’ triumphant rock and roll anthem, ‘Tomorrow’

We were going to premiere this new Goddamn Draculas track on Wednesday, but as the chorus suggests, we suddenly “can’t wait until tomorrow.” Sometimes “Tomorrow” needs to be heard today, and we are proud to premiere the latest cut off the Drax’ new self-titled debut album, which gets christened properly at the altar of rock and roll at the Do617 Presents release party this Saturday at the Middle East in Cambridge.

“Tomorrow” rings true with some of the best elements of the Drax; it’s a jubilant piano-slick rock anthem that demands an accompanying video where frontman Chris Duggan rolls through the city like the Super Bowl-winning Patriots will do on Wednesday. It’s another beer-in-the-air, fuck-the-haters, we’re-all-gonna-work-it-out rock jam that the band has been known for since winning the Rock And Roll Rumble last year.

When we sat down with the Drax at New Alliance East in Cambridge last month for a sneak-peak listen to the new LP, it was “Tomorrow” that jumped out at us the most. You’ll hear why via the band’s Soundcloud link below.

By the time this one is played live this weekend in Cambridge, we expect all the other bands on the bill — Planetoid, Party Bois, Township, and Aquanutz — to be on stage raising a glass to one kick-ass band of rock dudes. We’ll all be singing for “Tomorrow,” because Sunday will be effectively cancelled.

Goddamn Draculas Flyer