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Mötley Crüel: Seahawks fan Nikki Sixx dares every Patriots fan to ‘unfollow’ him on Twitter


Continuing their never-ending farewell tour, rock and roll zombies Mötley Crüe are playing the DCU Center in Worcester this summer. But bassist Nikki Sixx might get a chilly reception from the New England crowd after daring Patriots fans to “unfollow” him on Twitter.

Why? Because Sixx is a Seattle Seahawks fan, apparently

“I am gonna just keep tweeting about Seahawks until every Pats fan unfollows me,” he posted last night. Sixx has been playfully sparring with Pats fans on social media while retweeting hashtags from Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and posts involving Seattle landmarks like Pike Place Market.


Sixx lived in Seattle with his mother for a few years before moving to Los Angeles at age 17, where he eventually helped form Mötley Crüe.

With just four days until the New England Patriots play the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX, we’ll see what social media shit talk Sixx has in store for us here in New England. Stay tuned…

Oh, and Sixx also made a promise to perform naked if the Patriots beat the Seahawks on Sunday, so there’s that, too.