Throwdown Dress-Up: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ Great Wall Of Santas has returned

A few months ago, when the Mighty Mighty Bosstones first announced their 2014 Hometown Throwdown, they included a few important details: the dates (tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday), the location (the House of Blues in Boston) and, perhaps most importantly, the return of the Great Wall of Santas.

A jolly nation rejoiced.

The Bosstones kept their promise on tonight’s opening tilt, hitting the stage after sets from Fishbone and Big D & the Kids Table with a plastic silent choir of familiar faces glowing out some holiday cheer.

The Wall of Santas last showed up on Lansdowne Street in 2010, and in recent years Dickey Barrett and crew shook things up with everything from a decorated and lit-up house (’11), a giant Citgo sign (’12) to a frosted band logo with some nice white trees (’13).

But tonight, o, holy night, the Santas — and of course, the traditional Blantas — are back. It might be too much to ask for the Bosstones to decorate the Green Monster this summer when they play Fenway Park with Foo Fighters and Mission of Burma — not to mention highly unseasonable — so we’ll just enjoy the look at this weekend’s Throwdown.

Here’s an early look:

Sometimes the #bosstones are in front of a wall of santas!

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Bosstones and the Wall of Santas.

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The Rascal King #bosstones

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