Tour Busted: Here are the 10 bands that played the most shows* in 2014


Despite that whole Pomplamoose fiasco a few weeks ago, everyone pretty much has agreed that the best way for a band to survive and get heard was to get in the van and tour their asses off. The music industry is fucked, there’s a gazillion bands all pushing their songs online, and we’re wondering if people still care about music — but chances are that if you don’t all sleep in comfy hotel rooms each night and drop mad dime on a light show, chances are an economical tour based on connecting with potential fans can raise your band’s profile. And maybe even make enough money to do it again after a few weeks.

So with that in mind — who played the most live shows in 2014?

According to results from concert app Bandsintown, it’s North Carolina alt-country quintet American Aquarium, which played 206 shows since January 1. Saving Abel (204) and the 1975 (195) round out the Top 3. EDM lightning rod Steve Aoki is even all up in there.


The catch?

These numbers, and the graphic below, are based on Bandsintown’s own listings. So in order to be counted, the show had to be listed on Bandsintown’s platform. That means that way-cool underground noise-pop band from Jamaica Plain is probably not counted here, even though they played 600 times to crowds of several since May.

Either way, now we know who American Aquarium are.


Good job, god effort.


[via Digital Music News]