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Raging Fire: The Sheila Divine return to take on oppression in new song ‘Watch Out For Us’


Yesterday we raged on and on about how Thanksgiving Eve has shifted in recent years from a high school reunion down at the suburban pub to a gathering of friends at the local rock and roll show. Social media has eliminated the need to catch up with haggard-assed friends of yesteryear up in Woburn or down in Scituate, and the incredible slate of shows and parties around town tomorrow night are making us think commuting to see the relatives a bit later than usual, on Thursday morning, complete with bangover, is the right way to roll.

Boston trio The Sheila Divine likely share this sentiment, and headline a fantastical rock show Thanksgiving Eve at the Sinclair in Cambridge that enlists the guitar-slinging exploits of Mean Creek, the Life Electric, and the Daily Pravda. And just like the Pravda did yesterday, the Sheila Divine dropped a brand new track to raise a glass to your incoming gobble.

“Watch Out For Us,” which you can listen to and download via Bandcamp below, is a nice power-pop anthem that rails against the rich and the current state of things. The lyrics are essentially timely in light of yesterday’s decision regarding Ferguson.


“The 1 percent got the VIP and the rest of us, we’re out on the street, we’re raging fire,” offers frontman Aaron Perrino, in perhaps his finest vocal hook since “Hum.” The rest of the lyrics are very poignant as well, and speak to solidarity.

Fire up he track and eyeball the rock show deets after the embed jump.


Pravda Sinclair