Step Into My Reunions: Apparently Hurricane #1 are getting back together, but without Andy Bell


Anyone fancy some Hurricane #2?

This week’s Ride reunion news was met with applause around the world, but it seems Hurricane #1, another project from musician Andy Bell, has reformed as well. Though this reformation is much more quiet, and, uhhhh, doesn’t include Bell, who was a founding and integral member of the Creation Records group.

A Facebook page and Twitter account has been created for the late-’90s Britpop band, which had a minor hit with 1997’s “Step Into My World.”

Vocalist/guitarist Alex Lowe’s new version of Hurricane #1 — Hurricane #2? — also features one-time Teenage Fanclub and Soup Dragons drummer Paul Quinn.

The band fired off its first tweet on November 1 and have been ramping shit up ever since. A sampling is below; more to come, we’re sure…

Let’s relive some of that magic, shall we?

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