Westward Unbound: Listen to California X’s fuzzed-out arena rock anthem ‘Nights In The Dark’


Western Massachusetts has been a hotbed of guitar-rock in recent years, with the likes of Speedy Ortiz, Gone By Daylight, and Potty Mouth all blowing up onto a national level. Noisy rock and roll dudes California X have been creeping in the shadows as well, signing up with Don Giovanni Records last year for their debut record and turning heads inside out and back again this past March at SXSW.

Today the band dropped the title track off sophomore LP Nights in the Dark, out January 13 via Don Gio, and we can really see this shit exploding all over the place. It’s like a more polished and looser Japandroids, and rockets along with hooky melodies and the always stellar production from Western Mass. whiz Justin Pizzoferrato.

“Nights In The Dark,” the single, is an uplifting fit of powerful pop, managing to be gritty and grungy while also feeling slick and exuberant. It’s a shame it’s November, because this blitzing track has us dreaming of springtime.

We’ll probably not be sick of it by then.

Pre-order the Nights In The Dark digital release via iTunes, or score the CD and/or vinyl through the Don Giovanni Records shop.

This record promises to be massive — perhaps the first great album of 2015, if the title track is any indication. Fire it up below.