Watch Aaron Lewis of Staind screw up the National Anthem before tonight’s World Series Game 5


Last year, the Boston Red Sox represented Massachusetts in the World Series. This year, for some odd reason, repping the Bay State is Springfield’s own Aaron Lewis. The Staind front man sang the National Anthem before tonight’s Game 5 between the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals at AT&T Park, and well, he fucked it up.

Good job, dude. You missed a few lines, there.

Bootleg video of the debacle is below, so watch it while it’s still live and FOX pulls the clip. Right where Lewis screws up, even Tim Lincecum is like “WTF.”


Lewis plays Royale in Boston on November 7, and hopefully he’ll stick to songs he wrote himself.

In his defense, it’s probably “been a while” since he sang the Star Spangled Banner.


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