Shit Doesn’t Hit The Fans: California tells Slipknot they can’t set camel feces on fire at festival


Iowa metal veterans Slipknot are throwing a big ol’ three-day party in California later this month, but golden state officials are throwing a shit-fit over some of the band’s plans for an “official scent” of Knotfest Music Festival.

According to TMZ, San Bernardino officials are not down with Slipknot filling drums with camel feces and oil and lighting them on fire at the San Manuel Amphitheater and Campgrounds. The goal was to “infest your brain, body and clothes for days after the festival is over,” which is probably cooler than buying a $30 t-shirt.

“Naturally, county fire officials ain’t having it,” says TMZ, “but their beef isn’t with the camel feces… it’s the burning oil… which is illegal in Cali. Also, they say the odor of flaming feces could be considered a public nuisance.”


The show will go on, just without the flaming shits.

It all kicks off October 24. Appearing at Knotfest will be Danzig, Testament, Anthrax, Five Finger Death Punch, Fear Factory, Hatebreed, and more than two dozen others.

On the home front, Slipknot play the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell on December 7, with KoRn and King 810. As far as we know, no petitions to light deuce on fire have been sent to Lowell officials. But Do617 has tickets to give away anyway.