Tay Sway Is Watching: Taylor Swift admits to stalking her fans online


Earlier this year Taylor Swift took legal action against a 24-year-old stalker who sent her nearly more than 700 tweets and threatened to “kill any man” who got in the way of he and the pop singer. It was a pretty serious situation.

Last week, Tay-Sway admitted to some stalking of her own, but in a much more docile manner. The “Shake It Off” singer revealed she had stalked the social media profiles of some of her fans for “months and months.”

Swift was trying to decide which fans to invite to her Rhode Island home for a private listening session for her new album, 1989, which is out October 27 via Big Machine Records.


So she took to the Internet to determine who’d get the invite. If you are a Swift fan, she may have been watching you for the better part of 2014.

“I would go online and I would look at their Instagram pages, or their Twitter or their Tumblr or whatever and I just kind of watched them for months and months,” Swift tells the BBC, via Billboard.

It’s a little creepy, but also kinda cute. Watch the full interview below…


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Meanwhile, “Shake It Off” continues to be a straight-up mega-jam, and we’re starting to consider where it ranks in our Best Songs of 2014 list, due out in two months. Spoiler alert: it will probably do very well.

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