Don’t Let The Days Go Backwards: Watch Gavin Rossdale in reverse in the new Bush video


The 20th anniversary of Bush’s alt-rock unit-mover Sixteen Stone arrives this December, but clearly Gavin Rossdale isn’t content letting the days go by as a simple nostalgia act. The British rock band apparently has a new record out October 21, and the first single off sixth studio effort Man On The Run is “The Only Way Out,” a harmless little slice of adult alternative that’s the ball-chain necklace of pop’s current landscape.

The track’s video is a tale of two halves, just like your high school romance set to “Glycerine.” The first features Rossdale and the band shot in reverse, then at the midway point, it flips and moves forward like that unstoppable riff in “Machinehead.”

People are all like “hey it’s a video palindrome.” But Cibo Matto did it better in the ’90s, right around the time of “Swallowed.”


Either way, watch it below.

Gav’s still a lookah.