Let’s (Kinda) Dance: How awkward were Ariana Grande and the Weeknd on ‘SNL’?


The 40th season of Saturday Night Live kicked off over the weekend, and leading off the fall’s music slate was chart-topping singer Ariana Grande. For her second song, the pop princess performed “Love Me Harder” with collaborator the Weeknd, and the two looked like they just met right there on the 30 Rock stage.

We’ve seen middle school romances that had more chemistry.

Writes Wondering Sound in its “Top Of The Morning” roundup: “There was a respectable two feet of space between the singers at all times, and Abel [Tesfaye] even did a cute little spin with Ariana at the end; just like the little flower girl’s move at your second cousin’s wedding over the summer that you didn’t really want to go to, but your mom made you.”


All that was missing was the chaperone holding his or her hands out to measure the required distance between the two, but that person wasn’t even needed. Everyone is so well-behaved these days.

Watch the performance below…