Way Too Much Suede: Here’s the playlist from last night’s Britpop Social Club in Cambridge

Last night we threw down the third-ever installment of Britpop Social Club, and fought back enough of Abigail’s Restaurant’s tasty cocktails to mark down our playlists with near-99 percent accuracy. From here we prep for two excellent events coming to the Kendall Square joint this fall: a Suede Dog Man Star 20th anniversary celebration on October 9 and the afterparty for the Pulp documentary screening at the Brattle Theatre in nearby Harvard Square on November 19.

One thing is for sure — we probably play too much Suede at this thing.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Cheers to those who came out. Here’s the playlists from DJs Lady K and Michael V.

Lady K – 1
“Sweetness and Light,” Lush
“Glorious,” Adorable
“Dark Therapy,” Echobelly
“Space Age Hero,” Feeder
“Hard Candy,” Rialto
“Come In #21,” Charlatans
“Life’s An Ocean,” the Verve
“WSD,” Suede
“Fake It,” Bawl

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Michael V – 1
“Line Up,” Elastica
“Miyako Hideaway,” Marion
“Bang,” Blur
“Sale Of The Century,” Sleeper
“Sleep Well Tonight,” Gene
“She Makes My Nose Bleed,” Mansun
“Mulder & Scully,” Catatonia
“In A Room,” Dodgy
“It’s A Girl Thing,” My Life Story
“125 West 3rd Street,” Menswear

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Lady K – 2
“Faces In A Dream,” Hurricane #1
“Jesus Christ,” Longpigs
“Acquiesce,” Oasis
“Moronica,” Mansun
“Speakeasy,” Shed Seven
“Dirty Weekend,” The Dandys
“Trouble in the Message Centre,” Blur
“See That Animal,” Elastica
“Money,” Suede
“Toys for Boys,” Marion

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Michael V – 2
“Joy,” Gay Dad
“Step Into My World,” Hurricane #1
“Whipsnade,” Suede
“You’ll Never Walk Again,” Gene
“Monday Morning,” Pulp
“Made Of Stone,” the Stone Roses
“North Country Boy,” the Charlatans
“Never Here,” Elastica
“Animal Lover,” Suede
“Ladykillers,” Lush
“Girl From Mars,” Ash
“Rock And Roll Star,” Oasis

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Lady K – 3
“Walking In The Shallows,” Gene
“Can I Take U 2 The Cinema,” Kenickie
“Supernatural Giver,” Kinky Machine
“Skin Up Pin Up,” Mansun
“Over Rising,” the Charlatans
“4 day weekend,” Bluetones
“American Guitars,” the Auteurs
“Love Me And Leave Me,” the Seahorses
“Road Rage,” Catatonia

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Michael V – 3
“Untouchable,” Rialto
“Heroine,” Suede
“If You Were Here,” Kent
“October Swimmer,” JJ72
“I Want You,” Pulp
“Vapour Trail,” Ride
“The Asphalt World,” Suede
“My Dark Star,” Suede
“Bar Italia,” Pulp

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