Pineapple XCX-Press: Here’s James Franco getting into ‘Boom Clap’ while riding in a car somewhere


We admit it, we’ve been slacking. In nine very short days from now, Charli XCX comes to Boston for an October 4 performance at Royale, and it’s definitely been at least a few weeks since we posted about our favorite pop star (sorry Miley, you know how it be).

Luckily, James Franco swooped in today to remind us just how excited we are, mouthing along to Ms. XCX’s breakout hit “Boom Clap” in a car somewhere that’s probably Los Angeles but who knows and who cares because OMG “Boom Clap.”

Franco does call it “Boom Crack” and he doesn’t seem too into it aaaaaand he’s got a weird Travis Bickle thing going on with that not-so-cool shaved head but again OMG “Boom Clap” come on to me come on to me now.


Check it out. Needs more Franco. Needs more Charli.

Charli Flyer